Breakthrough Book on Oracle OLAP

Are you looking for a book that gives an understandable, in-depth explanation of the inner core of Oracle OLAP, a book that shows you how to harness the power of OLAP for full leverage of your data warehouse and business intelligence applications? Read The Multidimensional Data Modeling Toolkit.

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Click: The Multidimensional Data Modeling Toolkit sampler to start the download.  This pdf includes the front and back cover, full table of contents, the Chapter 1 Overview, and more. 



Abbreviated Table of Contents...

Part I: Preparing for the Journey

  1. Oveview
  2. What is OLAP?
  3. What is the Oracle OLAP DML?
  4. Pit Stop: Working with Analytic Workspaces


Part II: Mastering Dimensions

  1. Creating Dimensions
  2. Describing Dimension Members with Labels
  3. Categorizing Dimension Members with Attributes
  4. Organizing Dimension Members into Hierarchies
  5. Unnatural, Ragged, and Other Hierarchy Variations

Part III: Designing Multidimensional Data

  1. Storing Multidimensional Data in the Analytic Workspace
  2. Calculating Data On-the-Fly
  3. Filtering, Relationships, and Combinations
  4. Working with Sets
  5. Aggregations


Part IV: Graphical User Interfaces for OLAP

  1. Exploring Metadata
  2. The Star Schema and Beyond
  3. Selectors

Part V: OLAP DML Programming

  1. Writing DML Programs
  2. Programs for Getting Data In and Out of an Analytic Workspace
  3. Tune Up: Working with Analytic Workspaces

Part VI: Analytical Alchemy

  1. Design Principles for Creating Multidimensional Information
  2. Migration Analysis: Showing Changes in Customer Choices
  3. The Relationship between OLAP, Statistics, and Data Mining

Copyright © by John Paredes 2009