Breakthrough Book on Oracle OLAP

Are you looking for a book that gives an understandable, in-depth explanation of the inner core of Oracle OLAP, a book that shows you how to harness the power of OLAP for full leverage of your data warehouse and business intelligence applications? Read The Multidimensional Data Modeling Toolkit.

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The Multidimensional Data Modeling Toolkit


Written in a tutorial style, this book gives a step-by-step development of the defining principles of OLAP analysis through the lens of the programming language at the heart of Oracle's OLAP option. This book will show you ways to leverage the value of your data warehouse through refining the information it contains to create cogent, actionable measures of business performance. The content is informative and practical, reflecting over 15 years of hands-on experience developing multidimensional analytic applications for over a dozen companies.  Whether you are new to business intelligence or a seasoned practitioner, whether you are using Oracle OLAP now or another toolset, The Multi-dimensional Data ModelingToolkit will have something significant to offer you.


Application developers and database administrators will appreciate the approach of the book, teaming with examples, tricks and techniques, and concrete illustrations of the programming elements needed to implement high-performance OLAP applications. Data miners, statisticians, and power analysts will find the analysis techniques of particular interest. Faculty and students in computer science or quantitative MBA programs seeking a principled explanation of the benefits of the OLAP framework will find it here.

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